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Tanger Automotive City

The Tanger Automotive City (TAC) industrial platform is one of the business parks integrated into the Tanger Med project.

A world-class integrated industrial platform

Launched within the framework of the National Pact for Industrial Emergence, Tanger Automotive City is part of the roll-out of a Moroccan offer for businesses associated with “Global businesses of Morocco” [Métiers mondiaux du Maroc], in particular for development of the automotive industry.

TAC enables the roll-out of industrial, logistics and service activities in the immediate vicinity of the Renault Tanger Med plant (less than 2 km) and automotive suppliers based in the Tanger Free Zone (less than 25 km).

A leading industrial platform on the automotive market

Located in the north of Morocco, 30 km from southern Europe, the Tanger Automotive City industrial platform aims to be the homeland of automotive OEMs and OES.

Thanks to synergies developed between the different business parks, there is special access to the port of Tanger Med, less than 22 km away from Tanger Automotive City. The vehicles produced are manufactured in under 48 hours.