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1M Vehicles exported from TangerMed

On Tuesday, June 6th, the Morocco Renault Group celebrated exporting from the Tanger Med Port the millionth vehicle manufactured in its Moroccan plants in Tangier and Casablanca.

The ceremony took place on the special vehicle terminal at the Tanger Med Port, in the presence of Messrs. Moulay Hafid Elalamy – Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy, Abdelkader Amara Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water    –Fouad Brini – Chairperson of Tanger Med and Marc Nassif – Managing Director of the Morocco Renault Group.

As from 2007, the Morocco Renault Group started exporting vehicles manufactured at the Casablanca – Somaca plant, and thus started promoting “Automotive made in Morocco” to international markets.

The Group’s industrial structure in Morocco has taken a major turn with the construction of the Tangier plant. In 2012, the first vehicles manufactured in Tangier were exported from the Tanger Med Port.

Going past the symbolic threshold of the millionth vehicle, manufactured in the Tangier and Casablanca plants, is an important step that highlights the fruitful partnership between the Morocco Renault Group and Tanger Med.

The coherent integrated structure (port, industrial zones, connection infrastructure) set up by the Kingdom of Morocco is a key argument that determined the installation of the Renault plant in Tangier. This partnership now leads to a joint celebration of this great performance.

Morocco plays a key role in the Renault Group’s global industrial system. With the export of more than 95% of the production of the Tangier plant and more than 70% of the Casablanca car factory’s production, originally reserved for supplying the local market, “Made in Morocco ” vehicles represent more than 10% of the vehicles sold by the Group worldwide.

Today, Morocan production is destined for more than 73 destinations mainly in Europe and countries that are signatories to the Agadir agreements and the Arab League, with the development of new maritime lines from the Tanger Med Port and in particular towards The West Indies and GCC countries.

Tanger Med is now a real logistics and industrial hub with close to 800 Ha of areas set apart specially for the automotive industry, a well-established supplier base, a logistics platform for exporting parts and infrastructure for exporting Vehicles whose special terminal will see its capacity strengthened by the construction of new multi-storey car parks.

Since 2012, 1 Million vehicles manufactured by the Renault Group in Morocco have been exported from the port, representing 1,560 ships and 4,268 trains from the Tangier plant and 19,000 trucks from the Casablanca plant.

Besides exporting what it manufactures, the partnership between the Renault Group and Tanger Med also extends to a transshipment endeavour. To date, more than 46,000 vehicles manufactured in the Group’s international car factories have been offloaded from ships on the Tanger Med Port and reloaded on others to serve mainly South Africa.

The Renault Group also exports parts manufactured in our Moroccan factories to the Group’s other factories in India, Romania, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Since this activity started in 2013, not less than 195 600 m3 of parts produced by factories and suppliers in Morocco have been sent to the Group’s factories around the world .

In addition to exports, the Morocco Renault Group and Tanger Med are working closely together to develop the automotive sector in the Northern Region, especially as new automotive suppliers set up shop in the special free zones developed by Tanger Med (Tanger Free Zone and Tanger Automotive City). The aim is to promote the development of the automotive industry, which is Kingdom’s leading exporter.