Deployement of tools and infrastructures enabeling generation of ideas and set-up of “ i ” Projects .


Strengthen relationship between industrial operators and indentifying buisness opportunities of the members .


Optimization of ressources through synergies and implementation of best practices .


Permanent improvement adressing automotive sector challenges.

An ideal location

  • Dedicated to the Automotive industry
  • 14 Km from Tangier city, and 35 Km from Tetouan
  • 22 Km from Tanger Med Port and 20 Km from Tanger Free zone
  • A platform linked to Renault’s further development in Tangier region
  • 300 ha extendable to 500 ha
  • New city of CHRAFAT (+250.000 ha) adjacent to Tanger Automotive city
  • An ideal environment for car component suppliers Tiers 1, 2 & 3
  • A synergy between the Industrial platforms and the Tanger Med Port to reach European car manufacturers
  • Two professional training centres devoted to the automotive sector
  • A logistic services for supply, storage and delivery
  • Easy access to The Tanger Med port facilities (20 Km distance)
  • Direct vicinity with Renault Tanger Med complex (-5 Km)